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has violated the right to defense. This should include – as he said – blocking contact with the client. On Friday, the lawyer told PAP that of their objections informed the state prosecutor and the head of Bogdan Swieczkowski Katowice Department of PK.Jak served PK, former appellate prosecutor accused of four crimes for which he could face penalties up to eight years in prison. Prok. Zak reported that in terms of accepting bribes in connection with the function occupied, cite the influence in state institutions and local government and to submit false certificate to obtain loans, as well as abuse of power and influence on the course of the contest announced earlier statement the prosecutor’s office prokuraturze.Wedlug , supposedly suspicious from the entrepreneur of Lizhensk financial benefits in the amount of over 170 thousand. zl – including in the form of expensive alcohol and construction services – in exchange for taking on resolving issues in the institutions panstwowych.H. was to prevent these acts from April 2009. and July 2014. Prosecutors say that its objections are witness statements, explanations of other suspects, as well as the content of recorded telephone conversations.

Kaczmarek would not say how his client was referred to the zarzutow.Przed H. few days ago was finally expelled from the profession of prosecutor. Still it is not final decision to waive its immunity – H. appealed against the decision of the disciplinary court of first instance. The Prosecutor’s Office found that despite this you can bet her allegations – since there is no longer a prosecutor, not protect her anymore immunity. “In connection with the decision on expulsion from the prosecution service, under the law you ceased to be a prosecutor,” – said the prosecutor. Zak.Funkcje head of the appellate prosecutor’s office in Rzeszow H. served since 2007. When she was nominated at the hands of the then-Minister of Justice prosecutor General Zbigniew Cwiakalskiego.W mid-June last year, the then Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw announced that it sent to the Disciplinary Court for Prosecutors at the Attorney General to request a waiver of immunity prosecutor. H. Investigators have concluded that there is “reasonable suspicion to commit the crimes and corrupt officialdom “.Przed over a year ago, the then Attorney General Andrzej Seremet H. dismissed from the post of head of the Appellate prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszow. Already allowed the appeal has released its National Council of Public Prosecution.

This was the first prosecutor to shorten the term of such a high szczebla.Zarzuty against H. is one of the so-called thread. subcarpathian affair. In November last year the Katowice prosecutor’s office, which investigates part of the case, set six corruption charges b. John Buremu Member of the PSL. According to investigators, a deputy and deputy Treasury Minister received a high financial benefits from at least two people – who had already heard of the allegations giving bribes – for influencing the performance of various institutions panstwowych.Pozniej Bury heard the prosecutor’s office in Katowice three consecutive allegations of illegal influencing the cast of the Supreme Chamber of Control. According to the prosecution he urged workers to cross the NIK powers and manipulating the results of competitions in the House. Bury did not admit to any of these crimes.

The thread on the NIK also wants the prosecution to present allegations of the President of the Chamber Krzysztof Kwiatkowski. This would be possible if the Parliament overturned his immunity request to that effect was sent by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office also czerwca.zobacz 23: Officers stopped the CBA former prosecutor Anne H. »PK: Four charges for b. The appellate prosecutor from Rzeszow» – For us it is a reason to speed up the implementation in January a resolution adopted in November. We need to speed up work on Article 7 – Verhofstadt stressed. He expressed hope that the situation will improve in Poland, but – as pointed out – so far there are no signs that this happens. On Monday, the National Broadcasting Council announced that imposed a 1 million 479 thousand. zl penalty on the company TVN, TVN24 broadcaster, as a way of reporting events in the Sejm and the Sejm of December 2016 roku.zobacz also: National Broadcasting Council imposed a fine of 1.5 million zl TVN 24 – as a way of reporting events in the Parliament in December 2016 . »the European Commission intends next week to discuss the issue of the rule of law in Poland in the context of the reform of the judiciary.

The head of diplomacy Ecuador Maria Fernanda Espinosa said on Thursday that the application for citizenship Assange filed in September 2017 year and that on December 12 that the request has been granted. Agency dpa notes that Assange and Ecuador received a passport that listed in the Ecuadoran system of population registration number 1729926483rd To solve the problem of staying for five years in London Assange embassy in Quito returned to the UK authorities to grant him status of the Ecuadorian diplomat so using the immunity, he could safely leave the diplomatic and country, without fear of being arrested. London, however, refused, stressing that the only solution is putting Assange is in the hands of British justice. The press service of the Foreign Office announced that “Britain did not grant him that status (diplomatic) or is not involved in any discussions with Ecuador in this case.” Ecuadorian head of diplomacy said that Assange will not leave embassy without security guarantees. In May last year Swedish prosecutor’s office decided to discontinue the investigation against the Australian seven-ws. rape allegations citizen of Sweden.

The decision was taken due to the inability to carry Assange to Sweden “in the foreseeable future,” and the fact that the man “is trying to evade against any attempt to arrest him” by the Swedish and British authorities. At the same time it warned that the investigation would be reopened if Assange returned to Sweden before 2020. When the offense expires. London police in the message, but then she gave to understand that despite this decision Assange is still chased the British arrest warrant for failing to appear in court in 2012, despite the deposit paid. “Westminster District Court issued an arrest warrant for neglecting Julian Assange appear in court June 29, 2012 year”, – said in a statement, adding that officers “are required to complete this order, if (Assange – PAP) leaves the embassy.” The man is afraid that the eventual arrest would be released to US authorities in connection with disclosures by WikiLeaks secret documents on US military and diplomacy. It was the largest information leak in US history. (PAP) with / jakr / mc / Mayors gathered in Warsaw on Friday at a meeting of the foundation council of the Union of Polish Metropolises, currently president of the council is the mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. “We have taken as, together, no matter what our political affiliations, the resolution, which primarily draws attention to the marshal of the Sejm, the Marshal of the Senate and the Prime Minister that it violated the preamble to the Constitution, which speaks of the need for a dialogue.

There is no discussion, when payforaresearchpaper it comes to local government system on the Joint Commission of Government and Local Self-Government “- said at a briefing Gronkiewicz-Waltz, which was accompanied by the presidents of the other towns belonging to the Union of Polish Metropolises. Mayor of Warsaw added that the European Union demands an end to the payment of bills by Members that involve local governments, because – as he said – such projects “in general are not discussed,” and the local authorities are still zaskakiwane.zobacz also Constitutionalist: A difficult battle for dwukadencyjnosc [iNTERVIEW] »” We expect openness, fairness, social dialogue, respect for the constitution and other laws “- said Gronkiewicz-Waltz. An appeal “to the conquest of the chaos in the design of political changes in local government” was signed by the presidents of 12 cities: Bialystok, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Katowice, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wroclaw. See also: End the arbitrary felling of trees. The municipality will be able to object »Union of Polish Metropolises – as can be read on its website – was founded in Krakow in 1990 by the will of the mayors of Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. In 1993.

Union registered as a foundation towns and was one of the initiators of the establishment of the Joint Commission of Government and Local Government. Today, the Union of Polish Metropolises works 12 major Polish cities. What Tuesday asked for a meeting of all the presidential candidates of the capital, which – as he said – “depends on the Warsaw fair.” Right Candidate United also appealed for the establishment of a joint program council for Warsaw. At his invitation, representatives of the three committees responded. The leader of the Movement for Social Justice Peter Ikonowicz, independent candidate Guzial Peter and John Poplawski from the association is Our Town.

After about a half hour conversation behind closed doors, “What Cafe” Ikonowicz said the meeting was “very fruitful.” He added that during it established that before the first round will be held “open, broad and transmitted” debate, during which four teams will be discussed. “We debated about housing, about corruption, reprivatization, social policy in Warsaw, risks and ecological situation in the city. These four topics have been agreed upon,” – he said. “I am pleased with the debate on the future of Warsaw” – What, in turn, stressed. He assured that he still maintains its proposal to establish a joint program council and “common to go to elections.” Peter Guzial said that the current President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz did not want to discuss with their kontrkandydatami before the recent local elections. “Programmatically no closer to each other, and I am pleased that Patrick What is a person open,” – he said. According Guziala, the candidate of the United Right did not refer to his demands concerning, among others “The freedom of art, freedom of creation, in vitro, or financing proposals godnosciowego supplement for seniors.” Also, John Poplawski from the association Our city is assured that the city traffic, which represents, is ready to debate. Several minutes before the start of the meeting, a short press briefing before the “What Cafe” was organized by representatives of the committee will win Warsaw.

Hanna Gospodarczyk announced that John Singer committee representatives will not take part in the meeting. “Patrick What is not for us neither an ally nor an ally,” – she said. According to her, the program proposals are “bizarre, ridiculous and not to meet.” Among them exchanged the idea of ??building the 19th district on the Vistula River and create more counts of parking spaces. Paulina Piechna-Wieckiewicz asked in turn, when What resign from chairing committees verification. at the end of August, John Singer, leader of the agreement will win Warsaw, told PAP that he wants to bring to the debate all the presidential candidates of the capital. He added that the campaign of the committee is to show Varsovians real taking advantage of his power in the capital, among others, by reducing electricity bills and gas. Until now, the desire to run for president Warsaw, among others, announced the deputy Minister of justice Patrick What (United Right), deputy Rafal Trzaskowski (Civic Coalition ), the leader of the Free City of Warsaw John Singer (Win Warsaw ), A spokesman for the PSL James Stefaniak, b. The deputy mayor of Warsaw, Jacek Wojciechowicz, Democratic Left Alliance candidate Andrew Rozenek, Justin Glusman (Coalition of Movements Urban centered around associations City is Our), Mayor of Targowek Slawomir Antonik (non-party), as well as the leader of the Movement for Social Justice Peter Ikonowicz and Freedom party president Janusz Korwin-Mikke. (PAP) by Maciej Zubel Among the demands are .: Bodnar support increasing the number of judges by their assistants and the introduction of specialization of judges; strengthening the participation of lay judges in sentencing; increasing the efficiency of collective redress; repeal laws that lead to preference of bank debts. Other demands include ROP ensure .: victim realistic possibility of appeal against the judgment of the injunction; Mandatory appointing a representative for the person against whom proceedings are pending placement in a psychiatric hospital without her consent; the abolition of the institution of incapacitation in its present form; allowing judges to appeal against the decision of the Minister of Justice, refusing to transfer to another post; granting the right to bailiffs enforcing arbitration; the transfer of the majority of trustees in consumer bankruptcy actions; improvement in the use of alternative dispute resolution (eg. mediation); ensuring an adequate number of forensic doctors. “These problems in the functioning of the judiciary resulting from the content of individual complaints, affecting to my Office, and therefore an expression of the expectations of people who have, in one way or another, in contact with the Polish judiciary.

That’s why I allow myself to express the hope that they will be thoroughly considered in the course of conducted legislative work in the Office of the President of Poland “- says Bodnar in his letter, posted on the website of the ROP. “We fully agree with the President of the Republic, that justice is one of those institutions, which play an extremely important role in a democratic state of law” – said Bodnar. He stressed that since its functioning depends on public confidence in the state. “Therefore, in my opinion, reform of the judiciary is essential both for citizens and for the judicial community. During the debate on the shape of the reform should reflect deeply on its essence” – wrote the ROP. He pointed out that complaints affecting him ws. Justice can be divided into three groups. First, the efficiency of this complaint procedure, which is usually the excessive length; the second – the culture of complaint proceedings, that is what happens in the courtroom, and the third – a complaint expressing dissatisfaction with the sentence as unjust. The subject of ROP are problems with the first group that can find a solution by changing the rules.

According to the Ombudsman, through the prism of the complaints addressed to it, it seems that the main problem of justice is an increase in the number of cases to courts. “So I think mainly on the problem should tilt the Legislature and to find solutions that a large part of these cases, without prejudice to the protection of individual rights, communicate to the conclusions in the extrajudicial procedures” – wrote Bodnar. According to him, if that could be done, probably it solves a number of other problems of the functioning of the courts.

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